Object 804 - Nuclear Fallout Bunker

Vladimir somov icecavecomp final 4k

Rendered in V-Ray

Vladimir somov icecavecomp final crop

Rendered in V-Ray - Cropped

Vladimir somov icecaveao

AO pass

Vladimir somov icecavecomp

Render passes breakdown

Vladimir somov icecave paintover 02

Initial paint-over

Vladimir somov referenceboard

Reference board

Finally completed this personal piece, working mainly on the weekends and after work. This is the first piece in the series of environments inspired by urban exploration, decay and fusion of nature with man made structures and objects.

Backstory makes very little sense but it definitely makes for a fun scene to build!

Object 804 - Nuclear fallout bunker buried deep under the layers of ice, where ice would act as a natural shielding for the radiation as well as source of fresh supply of water. Unfortunately construction of the bunker was never completed and all that's left of it is a second entrance with jammed blast resistant doors. Entrance of the bunker became a shelter for a ER22 turbojet train which was planned to be used as a way to rapidly transport senior staff to a bunker in the event of a nuclear disaster.

Anyways, I can write this gibberish forever ;)

I hope you guys like it.

Modeled and assembled in 3dsMax rendered in V-Ray